Tax Reform

America Deserves Tax Reform

It’s been 31 years since the United States tax code has been overhauled. Today, Congress and the President are poised to do just that in an effort to make the Code simpler, fairer, more transparent, and a driver of American economic growth.

In the intervening three decades, America’s tax system has become needlessly complex and opaque. It’s fallen out of step with our economy and can actually impede job creation and wage growth. America needs major tax reform to spur economic growth, to boost middle class families and to help manufacturers invest to create jobs here.

Over the next few weeks, the details of new, comprehensive tax reform plans will be advanced by congressional Republicans and President Trump. As this occurs, we as taxpayers will need to communicate our priorities and thoughts to Congress and the White House. If you share our views on the need to get tax reform right, please use ActAndeavor to contact your elected leaders in Washington.

Andeavor believes the new US tax reform plan must:

  • ⋅ Return more money to individuals, families and American businesses,
  • ⋅  Create a more level playing field for all domestic industries,
  • ⋅ Cut today’s 35% corporate rate to one that enables American companies to compete globally; and
  • ⋅ Simplify and make more transparent our tax law for all – individuals, families and businesses.

US manufacturers currently compete under a tax system with high rates, arcane international rules, and significant compliance burdens. Today’s decades-old tax system not only encumbers domestic manufacturers with high rates and arcane requirements, it also hurts small and medium US manufacturers and American workers. A simplified tax code means money can stay where it’s needed most—enabling businesses and workers to invest in communities, support their families, grow the economy, create jobs, and make US manufacturing even stronger.

Andeavor is bullish on US tax reform, and hopes you are as well. Andeavor supports common-sense tax reform that helps American families and companies alike. Today’s drive for real tax reform is poised for a once-in-a-generation opportunity to cut taxes and unleash Americans’ competitiveness. As this process advances, we look forward to keeping you informed of its key developments as we evaluate the specific provisions of proposed reforms. And we may soon seek your help in contacting lawmakers on key issues affecting our customers, investors, operations and you.


Information from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means

The full text of H.R.1, the “Tax Cuts an Jobs Act” can be read here.

Section by section summary from the Ways and Means Committee.

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